Maine Apple Camp

A weekend dedicated to all things apples.

Summer 2024

Calling all cider makers, orchardists, fruit enthusiasts and apple nerds!

Come learn about innovative orcharding methods, identifying and preserving heritage varieties, foraging wild fruit, cider making and lots more. Meet other orchard and apple enthusiasts while spending a beautiful summer weekend in Maine! 

Maine Apple Camp is a biennial event hosted by MOFGA. The last Maine Apple Camp was in 2022, and the next Apple Camp in Maine will be held in August 2024. Join us for Apple Camp this year in Hudson Valley, NY!

New York Apple Camp

Ashokan Center in Hudson Valley, NY

July 28-30, 2023 

​Come learn about cider making, fruit foraging, the nursery trade, innovative orcharding, identifying and preserving heritage varieties and lots more! Meet other orchard and apple enthusiasts while spending a beautiful summer weekend in Hudson Valley, New York.

2023 is Apple Camp’s first year in New York! New York Apple Camp (NYAC) is being held by the Hudson Valley Center for Food Culture and Agriculture, and co-sponsored by Stone Ridge Orchard & MOFGA. 

New York Apple Camp.

2022 workshops included:

  • ​​Scrumping: A Fruit Forager’s Roundtable with Melissa Madden (Open Spaces Cider), Sam Bonney (Quivering Twig Horticulture), Matt Kaminsky (Gnarly Pippins), Maria Kennedy (Rutgers University, Cornell University) and Jason Mannaka (Know Your Roots).
  • Holistic Fruit Growers Roundtable with Eric Shatt (of Redbyrd Orchard Cider), Jason Mannka (of Know Your Roots), Kevin Clark (of Rose Hill Farm) and Laura Sieger (Maine Heritage Orchard).
  • Roundtable on Preserving Historical Varieties of Apples & Pears with Jason Bowen (Southern Heritage Apple Orchard at Horne Creek Farm), Dan Bussey (author of Illustrated Apples of Canada & North America), Dan Newman (historian of apples and pears in Maine) and John Bunker (Out on a Limb Apples).
  • Keynote: Orchard Restoration & Pear Breeding with Eliza Greenman (HogTree Orchard Pork).
  • Apple as Object: A Conversation About Apples & Art with William Mullan (the Pomme Queen and author of “Odd Apples”), Sean Turley (the Righteous Russet) and Ria Windcaller (Cider Chat).
  • Cider Makers Roundtable with Zack Kaiser (Absolem Cider), David Buchanan (Portersfield Cider), Jared Carr (Cornish Ciderhouse) and Jon Stein (Fogtown Brewing Company).
  • Exploring America’s Ciders: A Guided Cider Tasting with Dan Pucci (co-author of “American Cider: A Modern Guide to a Historic Beverage”).
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