Greenhouse Plastic Recycling Program

MOFGA is accepting bundles of low-density polyethylene (LDPE#4) clear film used to cover greenhouses, high tunnels and other agricultural structures. We will also accept white overwintering LDPE#4 film. Bundles can be dropped off on pallets at the red MOFGA barn across from 210 Crosby Brook Rd in Unity, ME.

Register bundles and drop off date using this form.

Please contact site manager Don Pendleton at 207-505-2171 with any questions.

Preparing Plastic for Recycling

Before you transport your plastic, fold it into square, flat bundles the dimension of a standard 40” x 48” wooden pallet and weighing no more than 50 lbs per bundle. For more information, refer to the figure shown here and read our document with more detailed instructions. You can also reference the University of Maine Cooperative Extension video of instructions shown below. 

Plastic Reclycing Program
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