Vegetable Gardening Series

Monthly webinars and events (when possible) take place throughout the year to help you grow your organic garden.

Trainings range from question and answer sessions to in-depth events on specific topics. We also send a monthly email newsletter for gardeners. Sign up here.

Upcoming Gardening Events

There are no upcoming events.

Recorded Webinars about Vegetable Gardening... and more!

Growing Seedlings Indoors - Tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid when growing your own vegetable starts in the early spring.

Raised Bed Gardens - Rowen Gorman of Cultivating Community shares her favorite methods for constructing raised bed gardens using 'lasagna layering' methods

Getting Ahead of the Pests - Tips on preventing pest problems in your garden before they arise - or, if need be, dealing with pests using organically approved methods before pests get out of control

Diseases in the Vegetable Garden - Ideas and recommended organic management practices that help prevent plant disease, and discusses what to do if diseases do show up in the garden.

July in the Garden - Seasonal tasks like pruning, planting fall crops, trellising tomatoes, mulching, and succession planting are covered.

Season Extension - All about about extending the growing season into the spring and fall, with a focus on different methods of covering your plants to protect them (hoophouses, row covers, and more.)

Season Extension: Growing Considerations - A discussion about how the growth of vegetables changes over the course of the year, as the amount of light and warmth shifts, and how we can use this information to grow more effectively into the cool seasons.

Preserving the Harvest - Basic instruction on 5 core home food preservation methods: cold storage, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting & canning

Dehydrating Garden Produce - Discussion about best practices when drying vegetables and fruits using a dehydrator to preserve them. MOFGA's Wendy Watson shares tips and recipes.

Vermicomposting - Mark Follansbee gives an introduction to worm composting. It's an easy and low-cost way to compost indoors all year round!

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