Stewardship Program

Interested in becoming a Tree Steward?

You can purchase a Maine Heritage Orchard stewardship tree from Fedco Trees to plant at your home. The cost of a Stewardship Tree is $50, and $30 from the sale of every Stewardship Tree is a direct donation to the Maine Heritage Orchard @ MOFGA.

The final order deadline for this year is March 5, 2021.
By becoming a tree steward, you will be the proud keeper of one of the varieties represented in MOFGA’s Maine Heritage Orchard. You can find more information about your stewardship variety on the Apples A-Z pages, and email us with any questions. Quotations around the name indicates a provisional name.
Each purchase helps to re-populate the state and the region with rare & historically important apple varieties that were once common throughout New England.
Thank you for your support!

Already a Maine Heritage Orchard Tree Steward?

Thank you for helping bring these varieties back into the community! You can learn more about your steward apple on the varieties pages. Check back regularly for updates, we are working with Washington State University to do DNA SNP array testing for our apple varieties. This is revealing parentage, siblings, & synonyms/ identical varieties.
If you haven’t already, please fill out a steward information form.
Please send an email if you need a blank form.
Print and mail your form to P.O. Box 170 Unity, ME 04899 —or— fill out your form electronically, email it to [email protected]
We recommend keeping an orchard or garden map for your own records. Permanent or semi-permanent tags can be hung from a branch on your tree. A small piece of vinyl siding cut in a rectangle, written on with pencil and hung with a loop of wire is a great tree tag.
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