Farmer Training Programs

MOFGA’s highly successful farmer training programs are designed to help farmers of all levels achieve their goals by offering support and resources along the way. From apprentices, who are seeking a beginning experience with agriculture, to the Journeyperson Program for farmers in the very early stages of their careers to the Maine Farm Resilience Program, which helps farms in years 5-9 to address critical questions our programs offer individualized support and experiences.


Learn how to find or host an apprenticeship
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Journeyperson Program

Apply and learn more about MOFGA’s current Journeypersons
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Maine Farm Resilience Program

Support for farmers in years 5-9 of their careers
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Farm Beginnings

A farmer-led program to help create a sustainable farm business
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Shared Use Farm Equipment

An opportunity for farmers to borrow farm equipment at a reasonable cost
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Humane Livestock Handling Series

Webinar series to teach practical techniques and health exam procedures for anyone owning, working with, or new to livestock and poultry.
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