Technical Assistance

MOFGA offers technical assistance in the following areas. Brief consultations and initial farm visits are free for commercial farmers.

Livestock Production

  • Animal health
  • Pasture plans and management
  • Humane livestock handling techniques
  • Food safety considerations
  • Equipment considerations

Crop Production

  • Pest and disease identification and management decisions
  • Soil health and management decisions including: cover cropping, tillage considerations, interpreting soil test results
  • Food safety considerations
  • Equipment considerations


  • Sourcing local organic ingredients
  • Certifying product lines
  • Food safety considerations
farmers market tomatoes

Business & Marketing

  • Starting a farm or food business
  • Farm accounting and using QuickBooks
  • Financial planning with cash flow projections and enterprise budgets
  • Website/social media assistance, logo and label design, branding, etc
  • Planning and assessing marketing options 
  • Labor management considerations

Organic Certification

  • Transitioning to organic production
  • Navigating application materials

Fee for Service

MOFGA also offers a sliding scale fee-for-service model with grant funding often covering the fee for the following consulting services

  • Pasture plan design
  • Record keeping improvements
  • Crop rotation plan
  • Fertility plan
  • Enterprise analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Quickbooks setup or reorganizing chart of accounts
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